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assalamualakum dan salam ramadhan..

trial exam is coming to its end and everybody is so excited to go home and celebrate hari raya. one thing that all of us know is that after hari raya we are going to battle with CIE AS examination again. it's coming. Yes, it is..first of all, goodluck to all sapphireans esp to those who take more than 2 subjects.

actually i want to share a story that might benefit all of us, yes i'm taking AS too =). based on true stories ok!!! Well, this is how it begins....

DOT was a very active child but she was also quite naughty. she loved to tease and make fun of her friends. that was before she went to school. 6 years later when UPSR was few months away, she said to herself that she's going to get straight A's. She went to a lot of extra classes and tuitions. in pre trial, trial and post trial, she managed to get excellent results. everyone was expecting her to get straight A's however things were juz not right for her and she got 4A's 1B instead. she cried so hard and at that very moment a guy came and said 'serve u right!!u are bad and so does ur result turn out to be'

she was so shocked. but his words lingered in her mind. she recalled all the things she had done and guess what. yes, that guy was telling the truth. She was a humble,nice and good friends. but she's also a 'good' enemy. she hated a girl in that school and somehow spreading bad things about her. then at the age of 12 years old, she realised that the amount that she studied is not the only determinants of her grades. she learnt about 'keberkatan' that day.

she wanted to go to MRSM but with her grades,she couldnt. it's ok.she went to a daily school.after 3 years,PMR was coming. the same things happened. she's the best student in that school for 3 years in a row but then in the real exam, she GOT 8A's and 1B.that was so dissapointing. but it took her only 5 minutes to think what went wrong. it's keberkatan again! she slept in most of that subject classes.only for that subject!! she was complaining about the teacher of that subject and there it goes the keberkatan.

but this time she was quite lucky as she managed to go to a boarding school, her childhood dream came true. she was so grateful and at that moments she promised to herself that she wont do anything that will affect her SPM..she beared in mind about the keberkatan thing.during the 2 years, only God knew what she's been through. she's been through a lot but she didnt blame God for that..she kept praying. she woke up at 3a.m to solat hajat and tahajud. she made good bonds with friends and teachers. but life wasnt that easy.people envied her achievements and that caused her a lot of trouble but there were good things behind all those. she became closer to God. she apolgised to almost everyone because she was so scared that would affect her grades. she didnt mind to apologise to people who actually started the rumours about her.she didnt care. she wanted to get straight A1 and she would do anything for that.

she woke up at least 3 times a week at to pray and beg to God to make her dream came true. it was the month of Ramadhan. she knew about the amazement of this month esp during the last 10 days.she woke up every night during that 10 days hoping that she would not miss the lailatul qadar night because her mom once said it is a night that God will answer all prayers,insyaAllah. praying is a conversation between a servant and God. so she prayed and talked to HIM. she told him that she tried her best to be good and preserve the keberkatan but she's human. she could not run away from making mistakes. she just can try her very best to minimise that. after SPM she did the same things. waking up at 3am was like a routine for her.

she's a teenager and she cudnt help herself from acting that way. she disobeyed her parents, holding hands with her boyfriend. she was doing so many sins but somehow she got a wake up call. she went back to her old routine. people might say she did that because the result is coming out. she didnt care.. no one can say whether what she's doing was accepted by God or not. people can say she's not sincere as she did that for the sake of her result but we never know. only God knows. the day came and it was exhilarating. she got what she's been praying so hard for. she was so grateful. after that during every exams or interview or anything that she wished to accomplish or achieve, she would beg for God's help as she knew that He is the most merciful.

when she faced difficulties, she never failed to look back at all those beautiful gifts God has given her. there's no way she couldnt be grateful. and up to know she still get what she really need.if she doesnt, she knows that God knows better, she can put as much efforts as possible and can pray as lot as she cud but God has the final say she believe. she never tells anyone her story because she's afraid that they might misjudge her.but now she thinks it's da time to share. people can choose in which ways they want to's all up to u..

that is the end of the story...what we can learn from the story is more important than who's in the story. dun feel curious to know who she is. Today is the starting of the 10 last days in Ramadhan.. maybe u guys can try to do what she did..may God bless all of us..may all Sapphireans score in this upcoming AS exam...gudluck everybody.

ps: Allah xkan uji hambaNya dgn ujian yang xmampu kita terima.Allah sgt suka apabila hambaNya merayu dan menangis padaNya.Dia uji kita supaya kita kembali padaNya yang maha dlm segalanya.



Saya agak bersetuju
Tapi izinkan penambahan
Saya pon bukanlah baik sangat, lebih kurang dengan cerita ni cuma caranya lain.
Kalau boleh janganlah kita sentiasa dalam keadaan camni. At least masih ada di dalam hati keinginan untuk berubah ke arah kebaikan sepenuhnya. Mungkin secara perlahan-lahan. Tapi yang penting AT LEAST kena ada perasaan tu.

Pesanan untuk diri sendiri juga :)