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*updated!* SAPPHIRE HOUSE TRIP 2010 - Candidates and Voting Regs.

Ladies and Gents, welcome to official site for the Sapphire House Trip Committee Elections for 2010. = D

(*edited 7/9/09, due to unforeseen technical errors. Special Apologies to Farid & Magician, sometimes Blogger doesn't work like it's supposed to.)

Our election system this year is as follows :

1. Candidates volunteer for the job of Director/Co-Director during Taklim, and a 'mini-manifesto' given by each candidate. (3/9/2009)

2. Final List of Candidates published on Sapphire Board/Official Site (4/9/2009)

3. Voting takes place in front of Sapphire Board (voters place special voting papers in the Voting Box there) (8th & 9th Sept)

4. The Sapphire HouseTrip High Committee 2010, consisting of two Directors (male & female) and two Co-Directors (male & female) will be announced during a very special Ceremony in Sapphire's traditional official events venue, the New Block. (10th Sept)

So the following is the official list of the candidates (in alphabetical order).

Male Candidates.

Amir Harris bin Zawawi
Mohd Arif bin Ismail
Muhammad Amin b Asmui
Muhammad Farid Farhan Sahimie
Syed Hafiz b Syed Abdull Aziz Jailani

Female Candidates

Chong Mei Ching
Nurarishah Mohd Nazeri
Nurul Jannah bt Mohd Amin
Syakirah bt Kharal Anuar
Quraisyia bt Talib
Wan Nur Anati bt Wan Muhamad Puzi

Voting Guidelines.

1. Vote for only one (1) candidate for each post, Director(M), Director(F), Co-Director(M), Co-Director(F).
2. Votes for the same person for 2 different posts will not be counted (e.g. if you vote 'Bobo' for BOTH Director & Co-Director, your vote will be deemed null and void)
3. Voting opens 8.15 am on Tuesday (8/9/2009), and closes 4.15 pm (9/9/2009), Malaysian time.
4. Writing must be legible, and please write the FULL NAME of your candidate on the paper.
5. Please ask Aiman, Yatz, Haq or Kammy if you have any questions about the voting procedure.

As a final note ( from the Captain's desk =P )-

No matter who's elected as what, the fact is, Sapphire is a HOUSE, is OUR house, and we work together. Bak kata Amin, kerja dengan ketua, bukan untuk ketua. = ) Whatever happens, all Sapphireans will get to have a say in how our HouseTrip is run, the Directors are just there to make sure all the planning goes smoothly and to elect the Full Committee for the HT. Therefore Directors, what I hope to see in you guys is what Sapphireans are noted for; leadership, democracy, professionalism, dignity and, yes, the ability to cut loose and have FUN.

May our HT 2010 be as awesome as it was the last time.

Onwards, House of Glory.