House of Glory

The Ultimate Sapphire

Nomination Night

Nomination night was held on 15 Feb 2012.
Manifesto and Election Night will be held on 21 Feb 2012.
Here are the candidates nominated for House Capts and Vice House Capts.


I'm being DEAD serious when nominating him. Electing the House Captain is no joke. Suheysen has an awesome house spirit. I can assure you he will do a really good job in pushing the House of Glory to the next peak!

-Eric, VP SC 2012

Rugilah bagi barang siapa yang tidak mengenali Zubair, insan yang sangat berkapasiti tinggi ini. Aktif bersukan dan "power" dalam Maths. Kalau diberikan peluang, nescaya saya akan pilih Zubair.
- Azri, calon MUSCOM 2012/2013

He always does the almost impossible questions on the Maths Board. He is a person with initiatives i.e. providing refreshments for boria practice. I am sure that he has sufficient leadership skills to return Sapphire to its glorious days.
-Nicholas, VP Pre-Med Club


I worked with him for props during Bangsawan. there are a lot of things that we went through together i.e. naik lori masa beli kayu untuk bangsawan. He is very friendly with most Sapphireans not only amongst his batch but also with the seniors. he is very approachable. Cuma jangan approach dia bila dia moody, especially bila Kelantan kalah.
- Azim Weng, Vice House Capt Sapphire 2011/2012

Syahmi Irfan a.k.a Jack won uncontested.


She puts a lot of effort in her work. She's comfortable working with everyone. Active in house events, fyi she's the designer of our boria costume this year. Dedication and sincerity are requirements of a good leader and she portrays them in all her work. plus, she's the petsis of the current male House Captain. I'm sure she gained a lot of input from him.
- Zubair, Sapphire House Capt Nominee 2012/2013

Saya nominate dia sebab dia perempuan. Dia mantan pelajar SSP yang awesome dan bergaya serta berwibawa. Nak cakap banyak pun tak kenal jugak. Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Cuma, saya percaya yang dia mampu untuk membimbing kita semua ke puncak jaya.
- Syahmi Irfan, Sapphire Vice House Capt 2012/2013 (won uncontested)


She's tough but very approachable. She's done a lot of things for Sapphire although some of you may not know about that. She isn't someone who's gonna push you to your limit, but lead you till the very end. She'll always be your friend, walking side by side, hand in hand.
- Maziatul Akmal, Welfare Exco of SC 2012/2013

I knew Alysha since we were little. She is my best friend. She devotes herself in everything she does. I bet to you that Sapphire could be the best among all four houses in KY. Since she has also contributed a lot in her previous school, I believe that she can handle the pressure now.
- Sarah Naima, Sapphire Member