House of Glory

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Gives Me Hope (a.k.a. Post Yg Agak Jiwang)

Saje nak share with you guys a site that caught my eye while I was supposed to be doing my Computing practical project.

The site,, accepts contributions from all kinds of people who want to tell others about a recent event that has 'given them hope'.

Susah nak explain mcm nie. Click here and read a few. Then you'll know what I mean.

Whenever exam stress is bringing you down, or you feel like you can't take the pressure etc, visit this site and you'll know that kindness, love, decency and honesty still exists somewhere.

As a final note.

Sapphireans are a caring bunch. Mostly anyway. So all of us, let's try to commit at least one RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS every day of our lives. Carry a teacher's books, compliment a friend, smile. You know what I'm talking about. It does make a difference.

Onwards, House of Glory.