House of Glory

The Ultimate Sapphire

Bangsawan 2011

Pada 30 Julai 2011, Bangsawan ke-12 Kolej Yayasan UEM telah diadakan. Kumpulan Produksi Spider Biru telah diketuai oleh
Pengarah, Nadia Elena Nor Azlan,
Pembantu Pengarah, Safuan Sabri (Ketua Teknikal) dan Puteri Marissa Athirah (Ketua Lakonan).
Seterusnya dikukuhkan lagi dengan sokongan hebat Nora (Ketua Backdrop), Nadira Shuhaimi (Ketua Kostum) dan Azim Weng (Prop Master).

tech team

Sesungguhnya Sapphire telah bertungkus lumus dalam menjadikan produksi ini sesuatu yang membanggakan setiap ahli Sapphire. Anak buah bahagian prop, kostum, backdrop dan technical telah bersengkang mata bertukang, menjahit, mengecat, membuat video dan sebagainya. Kesungguhan setiap Spidey amat membanggakan dan telah berjaya merapatkan hubungan kami semua.

Semangat Sapphire ditambah lagi dengan sokongan Super Senior Spideys yang telah meringankan kaki melawat kami di tapak produksi serta memberi kritikan-kritikan membina. nyata sekali, semangat Sapphire tidak luput meski telah tamat pengajian di KY. *bagusbagusbagus*

Malam itu, majoriti ahli Sapphire telah mengorbankan peluang menonton Bangsawan KYUEM buat pertama kali bagi membantu persediaan-persedian terakhir di LT1. Sapphire yang terakhir sekali memberi persembahan, tetapi dengan jalan cerita yang agak berbeza, telah dapat menarik minat penonton yang memberi respon yang menggalakkan sepanjang persembahan.
Yang terbaik dari setiap pihak telah dilakukan. Masa menunggu keputusan mendebarkan kami semua. Keputusannya;

Best Actor : Ahmad Izzanee Ibrahim

Best Actress : Rose Asyiqah Mohd Hamdan

Best Supporting Actor : Izzat Sazali
Best Supporting Actress : Nur Izzatie Ali Sabri
Best Villain : Nik Nor Zafirah

Best Costume : House of Glory, Sapphire!

Best Props : Diamond
Best Technical Team : Diamond
Best Choreography : Topaz
Best Script : Diamond
Best Director : Yasmin Zamani


Meskipun tidak mencapai tempat pertama,
Kemenangan TIGA anugerah itu cukup menggembirakan ahli Sapphire. Setiap anugerah telah melambangkan kerjasama setiap Spidey. Banyak yang boleh diperbaiki. Namun demikian, silaturrahim yang erat telah terbina dan Bangsawan 2011 ini hanyalah permulaan.

Sapphire akan terus bangkit! InsyaAllah, the GLORY shall return!
Tahniah diucapkan kepada setiap SPIDEY atas usaha 200% yang diberikan sepanjang tempoh persediaan. Semoga kita terus berusaha untuk event akan datang, demi membangkitkan semangat labah-labah biru dan mengembalikan zaman kegemilangan.


-we are proud sapphireans-

Farewell Dinner

The 13.5ers managed to organize a simple yet fun Farewell Dinner.
The event was to show our appreciation to the seniors,; Batch 12 and 12.5.

The event organizers gave away Sapphire Button Badges specially designed for the leaving seniors.

We had speeches by Amin, Eju, Rose and Dr Ravee, of course.
The we had spaghetti, KY fried chicken, some brownies and fruits for dinner.
The event was made more meaningful by a video presentation filled with memories of the seniors as a Sappphirean. (':
Then, to make it better, there was a beautiful singing performance by the 13.5ers. (:
Krizun, on behalf of the seniors gave a spontaneous and funny final speech to say goodbye.
Not to forget, a relax performance by he seniors. 
They sang "You Raised Me Up" for Dr Ravi. How sweet (:

All in all,
It was a wonderfull night.
Once a spidey, always will be.

You will all be missed. (:

Prizes !

During the last week of semester, 
Prizes was given out for the Swimming Gala, Volleyball, Football and Math Corner winners.

Proud to annouce that,
Sapphire have won several prizes.

We won;

Silver medals for Girls Interhouse Volleyball,
Champion for Boys Overall Interhouse Swimming Gala, and
Second Place for Girls Overall Interhouse Swimming Gala.

Proud to be a spidey,


Housetrip 2011

Update #4! Wee~

15 Apr 2011

Right after our trials, we packed our bags, looked-forward to a relax trip to PENANG!
Everything went on smoothly, we departed on time, and arrived on time. Despite the traffic jam at the bridge. Haha.
Anyway, our first stop, GURNEY DRIVE!
We had dinner there and went to Gurney Plaza nearby, before going to the hotel.


Here's where we stayed, SRI SAYANG! (opposite Rasa Sayang, the 6 star hotel :P)

our trip director, Safuan (:

Night was still very young, so we went to the loooonggg night market just a few minutes walk from where we stayed.
it took us 2 hours of walking before we call it a day and walked back to our cozy apartments. :D

16 Apr 2011

We had breakfast separately; some went to mamak stalls, including Dr Ravee and Mr A. :D
Then, we went to the beach! For some bonding session! GAMES!
We played ice water, the blanket game, and the messy colgate game!

Around 11, we took the bus to Georgetown, where we had "The Great Jalan-Jalan" in Penang Heritage Trail!
We were told to take pictures and posing maut. So yeah, we all did that! :D haha

Mr A and Safuan at Georgetown

After the walk, everyone was so very hungry, so we ate at Muhamadiyah Restaurant, Nasi Briyani! I think. Heheh

Back to our hotel, that evening, it was free time, so many of us tried the water sports there. (:

At night, we all had BBQ, played beside the bonfire(so called), created by Izzanee with the help of some guys. While the other guys prepare the food. Girls, relax. :P hahah. Dr Ravee helped too!

BBQ Night (:

We played games; capkalicap, werewolf, many more. And the night ended with a nice song presented by Addin, Saiful, and Izzanee. Dan orang-orang pegang torchlight. Heheh

17 Apr 2011

It's time to check out and head back to KY. ):
We stopped by at Queensbay Mall,
Had lunch at Nasi Kandar Kayu
Then, back to KY.

6.45pm - Arrived. With SMILES (:

Spideys sure did had a great time. :D

Revelation Day

Revealing, Update #3!
11 March 2011
THE DAY the juniors meet their pet families!

It was a very fun evening (:
And it sure did strengthen our bond.
I guess, I should let the pictures do the talk!

the new spideys wondering what's gonna happen next!

bashed! haha
bashed (:

bonding and eating ice cream (:

We hope that the pet family traditions will continue


Dikir & Dance 2011

Update #2 coming NOW!

9 March 2011:

Sapphire's Dikir Team was led by our own superman, Izzanee,
While the Dance Team was led by Nadira Shuhaimi.

Both of them worked very hard to keep the spideys' dikir and dance spirit up high.

The girls performed a medley of Canggung, Zapin and Endang,
wearing all blue with handmade hair-accessories. (:

The guys wore an outstanding, shiny, green outfit!
They sure did rocked the stage!

Cik Abe kita

Sapphire smart habes

the girls (:

Everyone enjoyed the performance.

The results was :

Dikir :-
1) Diamond
2) Garnet
3) sapphire
4) Topaz

Dance :-
1) Topaz
2) Garnet
3) Diamond
4) Sapphire

Tips for the future,
Smile more, better costumes and keep the spidey spirit high! (:


Volley Finals

Ready for Update #1! (:

Volleyball finals was held at the boys court, err, about two months ago? :P
The girls team managed to go to the finals to compete for first place against the Garnetrons.
Whereas the guys fought for 3rd place against the Garnetrons too!

The spideys were so high we cheered our hearts out!

It was a tough fight between both teams,
And the spidey girls managed to bring home the silver medals.

Though they didn't win the first place,
They sure did gave their best for sapphire.
And we are all proud of the team members.

It's a great start for a better year!

Hello Spideys

*Uhuk uhuk* It's a bit dusty in here.
It has been long since it was last updated.
Sorry ):

But anyway, soon,
this blog will be flooded with long postponed updates!
Hence, get ready to read it all! :D


Interhouse Volleyball

Volleyball Interhouse Match 2011 was held on Wednesday, February 9. Sapphire members started practising one day before the match to get ready for our first fight against Topaz.

Many Spideys came to support Sapphire! Yeayy! :D

For the girls match against Topaz, drum roll!!
we WON! :D

Next was the boys' turn. It was a great fight. Both teams were very competitive. But Topaz won the match by two points. However, the spidey guys gave them a tough fight!

The final matches are going to be held next week on Wednesday. So, let us all come down and give our support!

Good Job, Big Clap! SAPPHIRE!! (:

HC and VHC nomination

8 februari 2011, bertempat di LT1, telah berlangsungnya nomination bagi jawatan
House Captains dan Vice House Captains bagi rumah Sapphire untuk tahun 2011/2012.

majlis yang diacarakan oleh Amir Harris ini berjalan dengan lancar dengan kuota empat nominations dari pihak boys dan tiga nominations dari pihak girls. candidates kemudiannya perlu meminta seorang penyokong kuat untuk menceritakan serba sedikit mengenai diri mereka dan mengapa mereka layak untuk diundi.

berikut adalah nama candidates dan sedikit petikan dari komen penyokong.


candidate no. 1: Weng
"nilai kerjasamanya tinggi. dia cakap orang boleh dengar
sebab dia garang. Dia juga tegas dan berkarisma"-Amir Ariff

candidate no. 2: Shahir
"Dia ni rajin. dia ambil berat pasal house. dia baik,
dia lah yang selalu buat video untuk sapphire"-Nazrin

candidate no.3: Tank
"He's always the first to taklim. he always volunteers for basketball, football.
he has leadership skills and ability to attract the crowd"-Amir Harris

candidate no.4: Izzanee
"saya rasa dia bagus. saya rasa dialah orangnya. dia sangat friendly,
soft spoken, dan dia respect semua orang."-Saiful Azmi


candidate no.5: Nael
"she puts her effort in what she wants to do. she's really committed.
She can put herself into her responsibility"-Rose Asyiqah

candidate no.6: Rose
"she cares about her friends. she's responsible. dia sanggup spend
her time and energy. She's patient and she does her work till the end"-Hazee

candidate no.7: Elin
"Dia banyak contribute to sapphire. dia semangat untuk contribute.
I think she can keep us as one family, one house"-Quraisya


rabu ini akan berlangsung pula
manifesto dan voting.

mari kita ramai-ramai memeriahkan great hall kyuem, spideys!

marilah mari, pergi mengundi,
tunaikanlah kewajipan pada sapphire~

KIWEE 2011 video

video yang telah memenangi tempat kedua bagi acara KIWEE.
selamat menonton! =)

KYUEM Islamic Week 2011

sepanjang minggu ini, 24-27 januari 2011, telah berlangsungnya KYUEM Islamic Week 2011.
pelbagai aktiviti telah dijalankan termasuklah 4 interhouse events iaitu
video competition, islamic quiz, khat competition, dan nasyeed competition.

sapphire telah memaparkan video mantap pada hari pembukaan KIWEE yang di-direct oleh shahir, hari kemudiaanya berlangsunglah quiz yang amat mendebarkan diwakili izzanee, izzudin, ili, dan midelle. sementara khat diwakili oleh eju.

pada hari penutup KIWEE, sapphire telah memulakan pertandingan nasyeed dengan lagu-lagu keislaman yang menyentuh jiwa oleh addin, amin, naqi, izzanee, dan saiful. juga lagu yg diaplikasi dari lagu katy perry-teenage dream dan bruno mars-just the way u are yang menarik perhatian penonton dan mendapat tepukan gemuruh.

keputusan diumumkan, sapphire memenangi:

tempat kedua untuk video competition,
tempat ketiga untuk islamic quiz,
tempat pertama untuk khat competition,
dan tempat keempat untuk nasyeed.

keseluruhannya, sapphire telah melakukan yg terbaik.
tahniah sapphire!