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semulajadi terhebat (supernatural)

Bukan Ini Yg Ku Pinta.
mungkin sekadar mahu mengambil roti expired atau susu pekat manis yg kemik tinnya.
atau sekadar ais krim pong yg boleh dipatah duakan.
kepada yg mula berjinak-jinak dlm industri MENcari-Cari-Uang-dibawah-almaRI atau nama pendek 'mencuri'
hayati kisah ini.

The Star

Saturday December 13, 2008

Burglar who picked the ‘wrong’ house
(terjemahan bahasa melayu- fikir dulu sebelum pilih rumah~)

KEMANAN: A burglar entered a house-turned-grocery shop, thinking he was in for a killing. He nearly got himself killed instead.

The owner, who

was away to celebrate Hari Raya Haji returned home yesterday morning to find the burglar trapped in the house for 72 hours without food and water.

The intruder was fatigued and dehydrated when the owner and his wife returned to the shop in Kampung Binjai from their hometown in Kota Baru.

The couple, in their early 50s, found the burglar lying in a room, clasping his hands in an apologetic gesture for his wrongdoing.

The owner, inste

ad of calling the police, decided to call an ambulance to rush the burglar to the nearest hospital.

When interrogated later, the 36-year-old burglar told investigating officers that he had sneaked into the house after realising the owner was out.

The burglar, who entered via the back door, claimed that he was blinded once he was inside and felt like he was in a cave.

“Each time I wan

ted to flee, I felt a ‘supernatural figure’ shoving me to the ground,’’ he told police.

He claimed this was his first time experiencing such trauma during a break-in.

The burglar had no choice but to stay put in the room for three days as his shouts for help were in vain.

Kemaman Deputy police chief Deputy Supt Abdul Marlik Hakim Johar said the couple lodged a police report on th

e same day.

He said the burglar was warded at the Kemaman Hospital and his condition is stable.

this is what we called

pure IRONY



perghh.pakcik tu ade baca2 kot b4 die blek kampung