House of Glory

The Ultimate Sapphire meeting..

hey all!!

:::end of sem is drawing near..n holidays are coming real soon (yeay!) hamper kite ade byk yg x bukak lg..(yea, BANYAK..he3..)

to all juniors, we missssssss u sooo much..lame x berbual since we're kinda busy with our exam n,a meeting will be held this coming wednesday..saje nak mengubat rindu..+) ..details are as follows :

day/date : wednesday / 19th November 2008

venue : LT 1

time : 8.45 pm

agenda :
i) tanye khabar, rapatkan ukhuwah =)
ii) update on house trip.. (take note maba!)
iii) bangsawan (keep ur fingers crossed!u might be the selected ones!!)
iv) bukak2 hamper
v) berbual kosong

so make sure to be there at the mentioned time and place..!
i accept no excuses..
this will be our last meeting for the semester...
so be there or be square..!!!

that's all for now..