House of Glory

The Ultimate Sapphire

Dikir & Dance 2011

Update #2 coming NOW!

9 March 2011:

Sapphire's Dikir Team was led by our own superman, Izzanee,
While the Dance Team was led by Nadira Shuhaimi.

Both of them worked very hard to keep the spideys' dikir and dance spirit up high.

The girls performed a medley of Canggung, Zapin and Endang,
wearing all blue with handmade hair-accessories. (:

The guys wore an outstanding, shiny, green outfit!
They sure did rocked the stage!

Cik Abe kita

Sapphire smart habes

the girls (:

Everyone enjoyed the performance.

The results was :

Dikir :-
1) Diamond
2) Garnet
3) sapphire
4) Topaz

Dance :-
1) Topaz
2) Garnet
3) Diamond
4) Sapphire

Tips for the future,
Smile more, better costumes and keep the spidey spirit high! (: