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Housetrip 2011

Update #4! Wee~

15 Apr 2011

Right after our trials, we packed our bags, looked-forward to a relax trip to PENANG!
Everything went on smoothly, we departed on time, and arrived on time. Despite the traffic jam at the bridge. Haha.
Anyway, our first stop, GURNEY DRIVE!
We had dinner there and went to Gurney Plaza nearby, before going to the hotel.


Here's where we stayed, SRI SAYANG! (opposite Rasa Sayang, the 6 star hotel :P)

our trip director, Safuan (:

Night was still very young, so we went to the loooonggg night market just a few minutes walk from where we stayed.
it took us 2 hours of walking before we call it a day and walked back to our cozy apartments. :D

16 Apr 2011

We had breakfast separately; some went to mamak stalls, including Dr Ravee and Mr A. :D
Then, we went to the beach! For some bonding session! GAMES!
We played ice water, the blanket game, and the messy colgate game!

Around 11, we took the bus to Georgetown, where we had "The Great Jalan-Jalan" in Penang Heritage Trail!
We were told to take pictures and posing maut. So yeah, we all did that! :D haha

Mr A and Safuan at Georgetown

After the walk, everyone was so very hungry, so we ate at Muhamadiyah Restaurant, Nasi Briyani! I think. Heheh

Back to our hotel, that evening, it was free time, so many of us tried the water sports there. (:

At night, we all had BBQ, played beside the bonfire(so called), created by Izzanee with the help of some guys. While the other guys prepare the food. Girls, relax. :P hahah. Dr Ravee helped too!

BBQ Night (:

We played games; capkalicap, werewolf, many more. And the night ended with a nice song presented by Addin, Saiful, and Izzanee. Dan orang-orang pegang torchlight. Heheh

17 Apr 2011

It's time to check out and head back to KY. ):
We stopped by at Queensbay Mall,
Had lunch at Nasi Kandar Kayu
Then, back to KY.

6.45pm - Arrived. With SMILES (:

Spideys sure did had a great time. :D