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Awards Day 2009-Specially for Mr Mikebsb =)

to other reader(s), this post is specially written for my beloved Maths teacher, Mr Alderson or "Sir" as i called him, as he "intentionally" missed the amazing Awards Day 09 KYUEM =p

first and foremost, this is an OFFICIAL Sapphire blog, The House of Glory and I'm one of the writers =). so, you can visit this blog if happen that u miss me a LOT!!

as u wished sir, I try to put some pictures here so that u can see how things were. btw, i didnt have much pictures that could portray the real situation because i have no time to snap and record.

anyway, these were the mirror of memories..
what else could we do while waiting for the guest of honor to arrive? camhoring!!! snap! snap! and snap! hehe..

below is the list of Subjects Awards 2009 recipients
Accounting - Ariff bin Ismail (SC president =) clap3!! ) TOPAZ
Biology and ICT - Afiqah binti Abdul Aziz (the feminine..=) ) SAPPHIRE
- Michelle Lim Ai-ling (yeah~~ our own and only woman in maths class!!!) TOPAZ
Computing - Ashraff Zakhwan bin Abdullah Zawawi TOPAZ
Economics - Zafirah bt Adrus TOPAZ *kot~*
English Language - Mohammad Ikmal bin Ahmad Nordin SAPPHIRE
English Literature - Shahira binti Mohd Afzal SAPPHIRE
Further Maths - Dominic ( yeah i know, it supposed to be me, but it's ok, really.. muahhaha) SAPPHIRE
History - Attiyaa binti Zuhaimi SAPPHIRE
Islamic Studies - Siti Fatimah Mokhtar GARNET
Malaysian Studies - Mohd Ariff Bin Mohd Daud TOPAZ
Mathematics - Sarah Hanna binti Abdul Manap TOPAZ *lagi skali, kot~*
Moral Studies - Christina Lim Hsiao Wen SAPPHIRE
Physics - Jevendra Naidu Ragubathy TOPAZ
Psycology (AS) - Adrian Koay Terr Huay DIAMOND

yeah!! Sapphire the glory!!! hehe

5 Special Awards

Best Sports and Co-curricular (male)
Abdullah Zubair GARNET
Best Sports and Co-curricular (female)
Best Student Arts
Mohamad Ikmal SAPPHIRE
Best Student Science
Michelle TOPAZ

Scholar of The Year
Aainaa Kamila

there was an incident where i though the whole audience felt the same as i am!

it was when the MC describes a person that will be awarded for Sports and Co-curricular Award. he said that "he is very famous among the students and staffs, besides enjoying himself in sports, he is actively being involved in stage performances. He is very talented singer and performer as he was awarded as Best supporting actor in Bangsawan 2009..bla..bla..bla"

... the whole students know who is that person, so do I, so they started to congratulate me, try to calm me down as i was very surprised!!! but in the end, it wasn't me, when the MC said that the person is going to read Electrical engineering under the sponsor of Tenaga National Berhad TNB. sob3..~


i think, thats all i can tell about the Awards Day that u missed. I mean, u missed something big.. BIG..BBIIGG~~..haha.

sorry for forcing u to visit this blog. anyway, now u know that your beloved house, Sapphire, has its own blog!!!

till next time than. bye~

p/s *this is the first post from me in full English with full grammatical errors. i knew that. but, who cares??*


who cares if u did so much grammaticl errors?
no more IELTS class what?
hahaha.. saye ade..


zebol: yeah~~~ i lap u!!! hmm..klulah Mrs Foord baca, mati kering aku..keh3


mantan pres : wehaku terharu tgk korang bergambar hari tuh... clap2~~



sumorg nk bgamba ngan ak..hoho


mantan : masud aku ko bergmbar ngn kawan baik ko la..kt tepi aku.. kt meja makan tuh~