House of Glory

The Ultimate Sapphire

Mrs Foord, I Lied.

Today history is made.
Today is the day where you can use your hand phones widely in IELTS class.
Today is the day when your Manglish is superbly important in IELTS class.
Today is the day where you can mangle around and disturb people with your IELTS teacher is in front of you, talking.
Today is the day where you DON'T have to listen your IELTS teacher saying "interesting" words.
note : it is IELTS class
second note : it is Mrs Foord's class.

the beginning:
1 years ago, 23 March 2008.
in IELTS class.
"happy birthday to you,,,happy birthday to you,,,happy birthday dear I-Did..
"i'm nor going to celebrate your birthday". She said with anger in her eyes.
"I'm glad that only one of my thousands seniors remember my birthday, and he gave this to me.." an artistic memento from re-recycled colored paper.

without any obstacles, we remember the day.

23 March 2009.
It was happened that today, the IELTS results will be announced. but, the students of block 5 have more crucial thing than that. Only they knew, only them.
a friend told me a tragedy.
"I don't have a prize for you, i'm very sorry.."
"oh dear, i would be very happy for the student who comes in and wish me in person, thank you very much!"
his lucky, because he eventually got good gred for IELTS.
i don't take the result from her, so i don't wish her. thats all.

the drama:
24 March 2009, 10.35 a.m, staff cafe.

"who are you looking for, my dear?" Michael Alderson greeted.
"I,m looking for my IELTS teacher, sir..can u ..."
"may be she's in there" pointing to the dustbin.
oh dear sir~ i'm in urgent, can u spare the lame joke in the class..., i said it loudly in my heart.
"i though you want to see me tomorrow, as u said it in the texts?"
"oh really, i guess you just got my message bcoz i sent it last night.." thinking of any good topic to proceed the conversation.
"oh, i'm soory, i just turned on my handphone.."
*motif ko ada handphone tapi ko off???*
"anyway, sorry for disturbing you... may i have my IELTS result?" this was bandung's idea.
"oh, you haven't got it ha? hmm..can u please let me finish my coffee and i'll se u in the class"
oh. no. u can't. because we have something big for u..
think...think..think... (it's rather difficult if u got 6.5 for your speaking test..)

"can u wait for a moment.." oh my god. that was the rudest way to pause the conversation. i mean, she is your teacher who is talking to you, and u left it..isn't that, rude?

"guys, what are you waiting for?? cepatlah masuk"
"i'm very2 sorry Mrs Foord i can allow you to finish the coffee because.........."

ok. this is the moment. the moment that will be kept in the herstory.


"oh my goodness, this is awesome!!!!" she looked at me with the eyes saying "now, i know why.."
i could see that tears shaded in her motherly eyes as she blew all the 6 candles with one blow ONLY.
what i can say is, she is not too old to be celebrated~

now, let the pictures speak for her.

:once again Mrs Foord:
:Happy ?? Birthday:
:may all your wishes come true:

:we love you:
:i love you:

p/s:this is the best class i have ever had- mrs. foord


saya suka lukisan yg Mrs Foord pegang itu...


saya pon suka sebab saya yg lukis..


dh agk dh...
sbb cm pnh tgk lukisan tuh...


ish..mana ada ..saya buat baru ruh..cuma pattern dia lebeh kuwang ajo~


ye2..clap tles..
nak ckp patern la...
gaya lukisan tuh cm pnh tgk..
kaler je len, kan?!!