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House Trip 2011 High Committee Election


High Committee Election

Our election system this year is as follows :

1. Candidates volunteer for the job of Director/Co-Director during Taklim, and a 'mini-manifesto' given by each candidate. (3/8/2010)

2. Final List of Candidates published on Sapphire Board/Official Site (4/8/2010)

3. Voting takes place in front of Sapphire Board (voters place special voting papers in the Voting Box there) (9th & 10th August)

4. The Sapphire HouseTrip High Committee 2011, consisting of two Directors (male & female) and two Co-Directors (male & female) will be announced during sapphire meeting (11th August)

So the following is the official list of the candidates

Male Candidates.

Syamlan Ali bin Wahid Ali

Alif Fitri bin Ahmad

Tengku Mohamed Asyraf bin Tg. Rethwan

Ahmad Izzanee bin Ibrahim

Omar bin Khalidur Rahman

Mohd Nazrin bin Serin

Muhammad Safuan bin Sabri

Amir Hamzah bin Rozlan

Female Candidates

Nur Hazeerah binti Hashim

Nur Haniesha Eliza binti Rahman

Noramirah Adilah Azlan

Pashiini Supramaniam

Rose Asyiqah Mohd Hamdan

Voting Guidelines.

1. Vote for only one (1) candidate for each post, Director(M), Director(F), Co-Director(M), Co-Director(F).
2. Voting opens 8.15 am on Tuesday (9/8/2010), and closes 4.15 pm (10/8/2010), Malaysian time.
3. Writing must be legible, and please write the FULL NAME of your candidate on the paper.
4. Please ask Amin, Eju, Amir Harris or Ashee if you have any questions about the voting procedure.

p/s: The whole system and this announcement is copied from last year's [link] =p


saya tersalah setting kamera lor...sorry candidates~