House of Glory

The Ultimate Sapphire

:: tonight is THE NIGHT!! ::

::ok,as all of u know, tonight we're gonna have our election for the new house committee..we've nominated a few potential candidates yesterday, n tonight, we'll decide..below is the list of the nominees::

Male Category

:Abdul Haq:
:Aiman Ariff:
:Azizul Fitri:
:Hairul Azim:

Female Category

:nik idzni:

::jadi, malam ni adalah malam penentuan..dan anda semua akan menentukan siapakah yang layak untuk memegang 4 jawatan tertinggi dalam House of Glory..namely:

:Male House Captain:
:Female House Captain:
:Male Vice-House Captain:
:Female Vice-House Captain:

::INGAT!!..undian anda adalah penentu masa depan, cast ur vote wisely as we'll be electing the new forefront of Sapphire!!...::

::ow,we'll also have the world premier screening of Bicara Takdir Berbisa right after the those who wanna join the fun, laughters, n etc, do stay back!!..::

~kapitan yg akan digulingkan