House of Glory

The Ultimate Sapphire

:: ALL THE BEST!!! ::

::mlm ni ade nasyid ICAN..ha3, silly rite, a competition in the midst of bangsawan preparation? xpe,kami di sapphire sentiasa menyokong aktiviti2 di kolej terchenta ni..=)..::

::ok, bout the nasyid competition tonite, we'll be sending our all boys singing prodigy who can reach the highest and lowest possible notes that not any extraordinary human can reach..haaa,watrch out other houses!!..DJ Eman is in the house tonite!!..ha3... 

::they've burnt the midnight oil for the past few days n tonight, we can see them in action!!::

::from we sapphireans, we wish all of u ALL THE BEST!!!..break a leg, good luck, best of luuck and many wishes..may u guys deliver the best tonight!!..::